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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before You Came, Little Angel By Casey Berna

Before you Came, Little Angel
Dedicated To Roxy

Before you came, Little Angel,
We already loved you so.
We prayed for you, night and day,
that in love and safety you'd grow.

Before you came, Little Angel,
We were so excited we could hardly sleep!
Envisioning our future lives together,
gave us so much joy, we'd weep!

We had many meetings with social workers,
so that we could prepare.
We made up your room to sleep in,
and bought you clothes to wear.

But our hearts were ready long ago,
for you Little Angel to be in our lives.
But our journey had to take us to the moment,
it was perfect for you to arrive.

For God had a plan for you,
that to us you would belong.
There was so much that was orchestrated,
to create our perfect family song.

Did you have a missing tooth?
Was your hair red or blue?
Did you have green eyebrows?
We loved you before we knew.

We loved every fiber of your being,
and hey, we still do today.
And every day we thank God Above,
that to each other we found our way.

Cause' we were made to be a family
and through our ups and downs,
our love will see us through and through,
no matter tears or frowns.

Before you came, Little Angel,
our hearts longed for you to be near.
Now that you are home with us,
they can dance and cheer.

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