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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Before You Came, Little Angel By Casey Berna

Before you Came, Little Angel
Dedicated To Roxy

Before you came, Little Angel,
We already loved you so.
We prayed for you, night and day,
that in love and safety you'd grow.

Before you came, Little Angel,
We were so excited we could hardly sleep!
Envisioning our future lives together,
gave us so much joy, we'd weep!

We had many meetings with social workers,
so that we could prepare.
We made up your room to sleep in,
and bought you clothes to wear.

But our hearts were ready long ago,
for you Little Angel to be in our lives.
But our journey had to take us to the moment,
it was perfect for you to arrive.

For God had a plan for you,
that to us you would belong.
There was so much that was orchestrated,
to create our perfect family song.

Did you have a missing tooth?
Was your hair red or blue?
Did you have green eyebrows?
We loved you before we knew.

We loved every fiber of your being,
and hey, we still do today.
And every day we thank God Above,
that to each other we found our way.

Cause' we were made to be a family
and through our ups and downs,
our love will see us through and through,
no matter tears or frowns.

Before you came, Little Angel,
our hearts longed for you to be near.
Now that you are home with us,
they can dance and cheer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

PEACE written by Casey Berna

I picture kids acting out the actions to this song, but right before the next verse comes, a short video of the actual action of peace being done in the world is shown.
The tune of the song is to:

You gotta smile, smile, smile smile for Peace.
(show kids smiling then show a video of a Nobel Peace Prize Winner smiling)

You gotta shake, shake, shake shake for Peace.
(show kids shaking their arms and legs like crazy, then show two world leaders who were always fighting shaking hands in attempts to start peace)

(song gets a little louder and louder with every verse)
You gotta clap, clap, clap clap for Peace.
(show kids clapping their hands, then people clapping their hands listening to someone speak about peace)

You gotta to sit, sit, sit down for Peace.
(show kids sitting down, and then show a video of a sit in)

You gotta stand, stand, stand up for peace.
(show kids standing up, show a video of someone who is standing up for peace)

You gotta march, march, march march for Peace.
(show kids marching, show video of people marching on washington)

You gotta sing, sing out loud for Peace.
(kids yelling going crazy, video of Bob Marley singing for peace)

(now the song gets softer)
You gotta hug, hug, hug hug for peace.
(kids hugging eachother, video of two unlikely people hugging)

You gotta listen, listen, listen for Peace.
(kids hands up to their ears, video of leaders listening to people issues)

You gotta pray, pray pray pray for Peace.
(kids doing funny prayer poses, video of the Dalai Lama prayign for Peace)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing, Zero the Hero Written by Casey Berna

I picture this character as a pint size super hero, like a preschool kid super hero.

My name is Thaddeus Thelonius Theodore Theero,
otherwise known as Zero the Hero.
I can fly real high.
I can fly real low.
I can fly real fast.
I can fly real slow.
I save creatures big.
I save creatures small.
I save creatures short.
I save creatures tall.
Ma says, "There's something worth saving in us all".

To do all the saving and flying I do,
I have to eat healthy, like I'm sure you do too.
I eat beans and rice,
and potatoes white and sweet,
ham, chicken, turkey
and hamburger meat.
I eat oatmeal so hot
and drink milk that's so cold.
I eat fresh fruits and veggies
and cheese without mold.
I also eat whole grains, which is healthy, I'm told.

So glad to introduce myself to you.
You now know what I eat, and you know what I do.
If perilous pitfalls plight you
please let me hear-o,
you call from the rooftops,
"Come help me O Zero!"
and I will come to you,
for I am always just near-o,
and that's why they call me,
Zero the Hero.
© Casey Berna 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Monday, December 28, 2009

You, Little Angel

You , Little Angel Written By Casey Berna

You, Little Angel, came from Heaven like the rest.
But instead of with another family, to live with us, God saw it best.
You were going to get here by train, by car, or bus.
Because you, Little Angel, were truly meant for us.
The greatest day of all, is when you, we got to meet.
We knew with just once glance, our lives were now complete.
Each day with you is a gift from up above.
You fill up our lives, with so much joy, and so much love.
We welcome you into this world, with a large extended family.
You give them so much joy as well, and that is plain to see!
Through the laughter, the smiles, the challenges, and the fears.
We will be with you, as you grow throughout the years.
Our lives are a journey, we need grace to make it through.
We are so happy, Little Angel, our journey led to you.
© Casey Berna 2010. All Rights Reserved.

Friday, December 11, 2009

We Are All Americans When The Day is Done

I picture each story having two pages, one illustration showing the family during the day, or their surroundings, and the opposite picture, have each child being tucked into bed by their caregiver(s). I also picture each character to be diverse. Donna is in a wheelchair, and Annie is adopted from China, Isaiah is African American and Omar is middle eastern.

We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Lupe, my parents immigrated here.
In their village, there was poverty and fear.
They've chosen this place to raise their family,
in hopes of liberation and opportunity.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Annie, I have a Poppy and a Dad.
They adopted me, and I'm so very glad.
We are a loving, and a happy family,
With dreams of recognition in this land of liberty.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Isaiah and my Grandma raises me.
We live in an apartment in a great city.
We rely on each other and our extended family.
We are a part of a greater community.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Donna. I live just outside the city.
We have a tree lined street that in the fall looks pretty.
My Dad commutes to work, and my mom stays home with me.
We are grateful to our ancestors who fought for us to be free.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Will, the farm is what I know.
My parents and my siblings, help our corn to grow.
The money from the corn, helps feed our family.
We're a part of a tradition of farmers that make up this country's history.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

My name is Omar. I live here with my family.
We are practicing Muslims, which we are free to be.
My brother's in the Army, and of this we are so proud.
We hope for his safe homecoming, for this we pray so loud.
We're all Americans each and everyone.
We're all Americans, when the day is done.

As we say all say goodnight, to those who give us care
It is so nice for us to be aware,
That though our differences, may be great in number,
We have so much more in common, as we're tucked into our covers.
© Casey Berna 2010. All Rights Reserved

The Book of Balls

Small ones,large ones, medium ones too.
With all of these balls, there's lots you can do.

Hit the ball.
Kick the ball.
Throw the ball.

Serve the ball.
Pitch the ball.
Steal the ball.

Drive the ball.
Tuck the ball.
Dunk the ball.

Hurl the ball.
Hold the ball.
Pass the ball.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lend A Hand Project Outline

Outline: Lend A Hand Children’s Television Special Written by Casey Berna
First Scene:
The Main Characters are all hanging out in their usual spot after a major storm has hit. Their surroundings are clearly disheveled, but nothing is drastically wrong. Mama Bird, and her three Baby Birds enter, distraught. She tells the main characters that the storm destroyed the Bird Family house. They need their house fixed before dark or they will have nowhere to sleep. Main characters come up with the idea to help rebuild Mama Bird’s house. Mama Bird is grateful and takes them to their destroyed house.

Second Scene: LEND A HAND
At the start of the song, the singer is playing the guitar and singing, while kids are dancing around. As the song progresses, still pictures appear showing a Habitat for Humanity build. There are breaks in the pictures to show the kids dancing. Eventually, a complete Habitat build is shown. Link to listen to "Lend a Hand":

Third Scene: IT”S FUN TO BE KIND
These lyrics are to the music of, “Jump in The Line”, by Harry Belafonte. I think it would be good to have one dynamic puppet singing the song, and for other puppets to help out act the verses with that puppet. For the chorus, I picture the main puppet dancing around and singing along with different celebrity guest stars. (Sort of like the video for “Put Down The Duckie”)

Fourth Scene: A poem, A Piece of Peace
The poem, A Piece of Peace, is read with Mexican instrumental music playing the background. The visual is a cartoon of a character walking through what is similar to Chicano park in San Diego. The character finds a piece of peace that has fallen off one of the murals and puts it on her heart. As she is transformed by the "piece", she passes picnickers in the park as the park transforms into an urban street, where she sees people in the neighborhood. The neighborhood transforms into a depiction of a beautiful clean earth (an Eden type place), drawn in the same style and colors of all the murals and she soaks in the beauty and peace of the world which is where it ends.

Fifth Scene:
We see the main characters walking along with Mama Bird and the baby birds. They get to Mama Birds house and see the terrible damage that has been done. They are all sad. They ask Mama Bird what can be done to help. Mama Bird shows them a picture of how the house used to look. She then gives them directions on how to start. They sing “Rally Song” as they get started rebuilding. Link to listen to "Rally Song":

Sixth Scene: A poem, Incurable Optimist
The poem Incurable Optimist is read with instrumental music playing in the background. The visual is a character who sees an incurable optimist on a “main street” type place. The Main character eventually becomes another Incurable Optimist.

Seventh Scene: “Lemonade Stand”
With instrumental music playing softly in the background, the viewers here the voice of a young girl describing the video being shown, her and her sister selling lemonade to raise money for a children’s hospital. We find out that her sister had to stay in the same hospital when she was little and every year they set up a lemonade stand in front of their house to raise money for it. We see them making the lemonade, setting up the stand, and selling it to people coming by. Then we see them go to the hospital and drop off what they raised.

Eighth Scene:
As we check in with our main characters, they are sitting eating the lunch that the baby birds helped to make everyone. The baby birds made them their favorite family recipe. The Bird family shares stories about their family, traditions and the culture that is in their house. One of the main characters talks about how great it is that they are making progress on the build of their home and how the Bird family should be in by tonight. He talks about how in some places around the world many animals are losing their homes permanently.

Ninth Scene: SAY HEY FOR HOPE- a song to promote awareness about endangered species
These lyrics written are to the music of “Say Hey” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. I picture only puppets of endangered species to perform this song. I picture rich scenery depicting each environment of all the characters that are endangered.

Tenth Scene: a poem, The Endangered Species Alphabet
We are taken through the words of the poem as the viewer sees a rich cartoon depicting each animal talked about.

Eleventh Scene: “Community Garden”
With instrumental music playing softly in the background, the viewers hear the voice of a young boy, describing the video being shown, his experience planting flowers and cleaning up an urban community garden.

Twelfth Scene: RECYCLE
Written lyrics are to the music of “Get a Job” by The Silhouettes. As we here the song we see the video of a young people in their different environments recycling. Putting bottles and paper in bins and then taking bins to the garbage men outside of their house. Also, kids recycling in their apartment buildings. We can also see kids recycling in their schools. We also can watch families taking bottles back to the supermarket.

Thirteenth Scene: A poem, The Universal Language
The poem, The Universal Language, is read with instrumental music playing the background. The visual are pictures of smiles, hands holding, people hugging of all different races, nationalities, and ages.

Final Scene:
The final scene brings us back to our main characters and the Bird Family. We see them complete the last part of their house together. The bird family is grateful, the main characters are grateful too. Everyone is happy and had a great time together. They sing Rally Song Reprise all together.